what if.

Why is it so hard to believe lies and not truth? Why do we accept criticism with an open heart and open hands but compliments with clenched fists and a grimace? Why do we let the negative thoughts play on like an incessant Disney theme but drown out the positive ones with the noise of the world? Why do we feel we must give before we can receive? To love before we can be loved?

What if…

we loved out of a greater love? we gave before we knew how to receive? we belonged before we believed? 

What if grace ushered in a whole new reality of changing the narrative? 

What if the click track in our brain kept time to Holy Spirit and his dancing instead of the world and its heaving.

We are, all of us, a beautiful, broken mess, living on this beautiful, broken planet. What if we let ourselves believe we are loved? That we are seen. That the positive outweighs the negative. That the light is NOT overcome by the darkness.

What if we dwelt in the possibility more than in the hardness? What if we let the narrative be whole: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and trust God is writing in His redemption song one ugly cry at a time.

What if we’re not meant to do any of it alone? That if we let ourselves be chosen, He will show He chooses us, again and again and again, so that we can choose each other.

What if it does boil down to choice? To hope? To truth & love?

What if it’s not about finding the answers but asking the questions?

What if it is about the journey and not the destination? That bringing heaven to earth is maybe better than getting to heaven?

What if what we believe is impossible but choose to pursue it anyway?

what if….


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